DIversity - Adaptation - DEvelopment of plants

The study of diversity within the UMR DIADE meets several objectives.

Studies of phylogeny and evolutionary biogeography concern:

  • Cases of radiative speciation and evolutionary disparities according to environnmental regions (island vs. continental, palaeo-neo-tropical);
  • Adaptive patterns in phylogenies;
  • Comparative molecular evolution;
  • The role of hybridization in evolution

Another part of the research focuses on conservation issues regarding genetic resources:

  • use of biotechnology (in vitro culture, cryopreservation) for long-term ex situ conservation;
  • study of certain biological and physical mechanisms in relation to cryopreservation;
  • study of the processes of domestication and conservation in situ / on farm.
Mon, Apr 03, 2023
Welcome to Richard Aygare (PhD, DYNADIV), Archimède Towe Patipe Abdias (CDD, DYNADIV), Raphaël Pilloni (CDD, CERES) and Théo Delaigue (CDD, DYNADIV).
Mon, Apr 03, 2023
The DIADE unit is engaged in digital cleaning!
Mon, Apr 03, 2023
Carole Gauron will participate to the Focus on Microscopy conference in Porto from April-2 to April-5
Mon, Apr 03, 2023
Eric Rivals from CNRS-LIRMM of Montpellier will give a seminar on Avril-11 about Phylo-k-mers