DIversity - Adaptation - DEvelopment of plants

The study of diversity within the UMR DIADE meets several objectives.

Studies of phylogeny and evolutionary biogeography concern:

  • Cases of radiative speciation and evolutionary disparities according to environnmental regions (island vs. continental, palaeo-neo-tropical);
  • Adaptive patterns in phylogenies;
  • Comparative molecular evolution;
  • The role of hybridization in evolution

Another part of the research focuses on conservation issues regarding genetic resources:

  • use of biotechnology (in vitro culture, cryopreservation) for long-term ex situ conservation;
  • study of certain biological and physical mechanisms in relation to cryopreservation;
  • study of the processes of domestication and conservation in situ / on farm.
Fri, May 03, 2024
Members of the ceres team gave a training on root phenotyping and ideotyping in Senegal CERAAS from April-22 till April-26
Fri, May 03, 2024
DIADE welcomes Yannis ABDOUL-RAZACK in the F2F team
Fri, May 03, 2024
Learn more about Arabica coffee genomes at https://en.ird.fr/genomes-arabica-coffee-and-its-parents-finally-deciphered
Fri, May 03, 2024
Julia Engelhorn will give a seminar on "High-throughput cistrome analysis links diversity in transcription factor binding to trait variation in maize" on May-7