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Timothy TRANBARGER, F2F team – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fabienne MORCILLO, F2F team – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fruit abscission depends on cell separation mechanisms that occur within specialized cell layers called the abscission zone (AZ). Our research focuses on the molecular and cellular mechanisms in the AZ underlying ripe fruit abscission of the monocot oil palm (Elaeis guineensis). Current work involves comparative studies with the American oil palm Elaeis oleifera that has evolved different anatomical and physiological characteristics compared to E. guineensis.

Since 2014, our research on fruit abscission has qualified oil palm as the monocot fleshy fruit model. Major results include evidence that the IDA–HAE–HSL2 (INFLORESCENCE DEFICIENT IN ABSCISSION-HAESA-HAESA-LIKE2) abscission regulatory pathway functions in the abscission zone (AZ) (Stø et al. 2015), where the IDA peptide has hormone-like bioactivity to enhance oil palm fruit abscission (Tranbarger et al. 2019). A detailed cellular characterization of the oil palm fruit AZ cell layers identified dynamic pectin changes that take place in specialized AZ cells (Roongsattham et al. 2016). A phenotyping methodology was developed (Fooyontphanich et al. 2016) and used to examine the environmental variables that affect oil palm ripe fruit abscission (Tisné et al. 2020), and for a QTL approach to identify genomic regions that control abscission (Morcillo, Tisné et al. in preparation). A global transcriptome analysis identified AZ specific gene expression (Fooyontphanich et al. 2021), while the identification of a non-shedding E. oleifera variant (Morcillo et al. 2021) revealed perturbations to hormone signaling, ROS homeostasis, and hemicellulose metabolism, and allowed comparisons with the African species. Taken together, these integrative data sets allow insight into the mechanisms of oil palm ripe fruit abscission. This collaborative work involved groups in Montpellier, Europe, Africa and South America, an intra-unit collaboration with the Advens team, and in particular, benefited from a privileged collaboration with PalmElit SAS, the French oil palm seed company.


INRAB, CRA-PP, Bénin: H. Domonhédo

DANEC SAS, Colé, Ecuador

PalmElit SAS : Michel Cazemajor

UMR DIADE (IRD, UM), Montpellier, France: F2F team (T. Tranbarger, M. Collin, F. Morcillo, J-R Brossier), ADvENS team (Stéphane Dussert)

UMR AGAP (CIRAD, INRA, INRIA, UM, Montpellier SupAgro), Montpellier, France: S. Tisné

Former Fruit Abscission Students

Cédric Micouin Undergrade 2022

Antoine Beckers, Undergrade 2020

Kim Fooyontphanich, PhD student 2012-2015

Peerapat Roongsattham, PhD student 2008-2011

Bussarin Wachananawat, Master's Student 2014

Guillaume Bourdel, Master's Student 2009

Chonlada Borisut, Master's Student 2010

Steven Moussu, Undergrade 2011

Chloe Guerrin, Undergrade 2010

Abscission Publications (Bold: current members and PhD student; underlined: former members and students)

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