DIversité - Adaptation - DEveloppement des plantes



Current members :

Dr. Pascal GANTET, Professor, University of Montpellier, CERES team leader 

Dr. Laurent LAPLAZE, Senior Scientist, IRD, CERES deputy team leader

Dr. Vincent VADEZ, Senior Scientist, IRD – ICRISAT collaborator – Excellence in Breeding platform (EiB) collaborator

Dr. Antony CHAMPION, Senior Scientist, IRD

Dr. Soazig GUYOMARC’H, Professor, University of Montpellier

Dr. Pierre LARMANDE, Senior Scientist, IRD

Dr. Mikaël LUCAS, Scientist, IRD

Dr. Alexandre GRONDIN, Scientist, IRD

Dr. Anne-Sophie PETITOT, Research engineer, IRD 

Daniel MOUKOUANGA, Technician, IRD

Françoise LAZENNEC, Technician, University of Montpellier

Olivia VANTROYEN, Assistant engineer, IRD

Romaric HALLOT, Technician, IRD

Yann POMIE, Engineer trainee, IRD


Post-doctoral fellows :

Ola DOLINSKA, One CGIAR fellowship


PhD students :

Gitesh Masram, CEFIPRA scholarship

Hien Linh TRAN, joint French Embassy in Vietnam/AGI 

Antoine BECKERS, French government scholarship

Princia NAKOMBO-GBASSAULT, joint French Embassy in RCA/IRD scholarship

Wenli XUE, ANR scholarship

Mohamad CHEAIB, Lebanese government scholarship

Laura GREGOIRE, ANR scholarship

Pablo AFFORTIT, French government scholarship

Mame Sokhatil NDOYE, USAID-SMIL scholarship

Marie-Rose Ndella THIAW, GAIA Doctoral School scholarship

Bill HAPPI, ANR scholarship


Former members :

Laetitia LECLERC, PhD 2020-2023

Raphael PILLONI, PhD and Post-doctoral fellow 2019-2023  

Sebastián ARENAS JIMENEZ, Post-doctoral fellow 2021-2023

Jean-Rémy BROSSIER, Assistant engineer 2019-2022

Amir HAJJARPOOR, Post-doctoral fellow 2019-2022

James D. BURRIDGE, Post-doctoral fellow 2019-2022

Marie-Thérèse MOFINI, PhD 2017-2021

Kevin BELLANDE, Post-doctoral fellow 2019-2021

Carla DE LA FUENTE CANTÓ, Post-doctoral fellow 2018-2021

Branly EFFA-EFFA, PhD 2017-2020

Kwanho JEONG, Post-doctoral fellow 2018-2020

Tràng Hiếu NGUYEN, PhD 2016-2019

Awa FAYE, PhD 2016-2019

Duy Chí TRINH, PhD 2016-2019

Adama NDOUR, PhD 2014-2017 

Le Khanh NGUYEN, PhD 2015-2018

Jérémy LAVARENNE, PhD 2015-2018

Mathieu GONIN, PhD 2015-2018

Sixtine PASSOT, PhD 2013-2016

Julien LAVENUS, PhD 2010-2013 

Nhung Thi Phuong PHUNG, PhD 2011-2015

Marilyne DEBIEU, Post-doctoral fellow, 2015-2017

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